From Shell to LXDE in 3 seconds

I created this short video after trying out LXDE, a light X11 desktop environment, on Ubuntu. It’s pretty fast, and uses much less memory than XFCE.


10 thoughts on “From Shell to LXDE in 3 seconds

    • Sorry mate, I disagree there. The hardware of the virtual machine emulator is very basic and simple to the OS running which is why it boots quickly.

      Put LXDE on a USB drive and test it on a real machine and see for yourself.

      The hardware initialization itself on real machines takes at least 6 seconds, unless the BIOS is Linux based.

    • USB drives are slower than hard drives. Besides, I’m not booting into a desktop environment, this is just starting x11 from the shell, all the hardware has been initialized already.

  1. LXDE does indeed make Ubuntu run MUCH faster, and it is indeed MUCH lighter than Xfce.

    It’s a super-simple, superbly lightweight d.e. with very few dependencies. Great for newbies, too.

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