Best Electronics Shop opens in Hawally

RX-78 Gundam – 1599 KD

As received by email:

Best Electronics is one of well-known mass home electronics retailers from Japan. There are many branches not only in Japan but also another Asian country such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and so on. The branch in Hawally is the first in the Middle East.

Anyhow, you can see and get various kinds of home appliances there. In the opening sale, you will see a GUNDAM figure! It won’t be real scale, but at least more than 3 or 4 meters! Concerning which kind of GUNDAM, I do not know, sorry.

The location of this shop used to be Al-Yousifi Panasonic Shop on Tunis street in Hawally. You can enter at 8:45 PM today.


11 thoughts on “Best Electronics Shop opens in Hawally

    • Marzouq, Keep the blood bank in Jabriya to your right and go towards the 4th ring road bridge. Cross the traffic light; enter Hawally – Tunis St. Tada!

      Khaled, It’s a franchise or a branch of Best Denki, a Japanese retailer.

  1. ARe these all Electronics items Best we cud See in any store at these prices.. !???

    I really want to have my hands on tht 10kd Yashica CAm… !!

  2. The title of the post sounds like your opinion of the shop. Maybe you should have the Best in quotes. :P

    I missed the newspaper ads, so I guess I’m gonna miss the insanity, as well…

    • Actually, he wrote Best Electronics (capitalized) which means it’s a name, not an opinion because otherwise he would’ve written it as Best electronics.

  3. OH i was there till 11;20 waiting the gate to be open SO tht i cud get the cam BUt i dont knw wht happnd/. . !!
    i bielive they wer shocked By seing the ppl n they might not have the stock too compile wiht… !!!

    BUt still will go today n see if i can get it again .. .!!!

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