ClickToFlash – Awesome Safari Plugin!

I just installed ClickToFlash, a plugin for Apple’s Safari web browser, that lets you prevent Adobe’s Flash from loading until you click on it (like Firefox’s FlashBlock plugin). The coolest feature though, is that it lets you load YouTube videos in H.264 with Quicktime (rather than Flash). To top it off, you can download HD H.264 (1280x720px) video as an MP4 file! Click the images below to see it in full size.



In case you were wondering, the Toy Story 3 Trailer video is here.


8 thoughts on “ClickToFlash – Awesome Safari Plugin!

    • Safari is the fastest web browser on Macs thanks to the Webkit rendering Engine and the Nitro JavaScript engine.

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  2. I would prefer Flash in general, but this serves the future of the web I guess :)

    Safari is faster btw, but much less secured. I’m using Chrome on Mac today, and it’s wonderful. Yes I know, also less secured than Firefox :)

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