Earlier last month, Barrak Al-Babtain of Re:Kuwait wrote a post about the “heartbreaking” state of Qortoba: an area that is outgrowing its population density limits. He goes on to say that this is very much comparable to cities of Madrid, Florence, and London except that we don’t have proper courtyards, gardens or parking space to gain any of the dense urbanism advantages.

A highly recommended read. Click to go to his article or check out his other architectural rants.


7 thoughts on “Qurtoba

  1. I’m a Qurtoba resident as well and all I have to say about Barrak’s post is that Qurtoba’s planning process was done not due to where mosques are meant to be and a fireej atmosphere! They made the Co-op the central location with the community park! As for the amount of cars, that is all due to bad planning on the home owner and, I hope I;m correct, where Barrak lives is a place where most of the houses are rented out by floor.

  2. Shaikh XYZ bought most of the area back in the day, joined the lands then split them into smaller ones and sold them, causing the current problems.

    Of course, no one could object because he was XYZ…

    3ad mino XYZ, hathi 3laik ;)

  3. 3baid, is this the architect you told us about? Who pointed out the flaws in the way Souq Sharq was designed?

    Anonymous, 3ad mino Anonymous, hathi ba3ad 3alayna :P

  4. yi3timid tara , fi Blocks in Qurtuba 7ail condensed whereas other blocks wyd shar7eeeen wya big homes o big spaces bil neighborhood .
    Laish ana wyd a7ibha? I even wanted a house there ! ;p

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