NBK Partners with Zain to trial Mobile Payment System

Starting October until April 2010, NBK will launch the first EMV Chip compliant NFC Visa payWave mobile payment trial in the Middle East. The trial will allow 500 selected NBK cardholders to download their Zain Visa credit card account details directly onto their Nokia 6212 handset over the Zain network. Following that, customers can then make purchases at any one of the 100 merchant partner outlets at Kuwait’s largest mall, The Avenues by simply passing their phone over the Visa payWave reader at the point of sale.

More details.


15 thoughts on “NBK Partners with Zain to trial Mobile Payment System

  1. M-Net was created by Zain, NBK & others more than 5 years ago as counter move to Knet to arm-twist them. The company went down the drain after years of struggling for any real customers.

    People have matured much more now, but is Nokia 6212 really the handset to target? Not BB, not iPhone?

  2. Name of service shall be ‘Bouky’.. marketing folks hard at work naming products customer-friendly names lol

    Bashar is right, but it’s not NBK or Zain’s call. RIM and apple have to adopt NFC you know.

  3. Wave the phone over a reader? Do I hear RFID? Do I hear easy RFID cloning & easy money stealing? YES I DO!

    It’s been already proved that RFID can be cloned when UK deployed a sample of ePassports.

  4. This is only a test and we’re speculating it ain’t working either. They didn’t implement a tool or a feature which prevents unauthorized usage in case of theft. Besides, i’d rather carry a small card than a palm sized phone which would occupy an extra space in my bag.
    It’s a waste of money rather than raising the staff’s salaries if you’re asking me ;\

    • Ms Loala,

      It’s a failed project to begin with. The phones that have RFID are very limited and no one would restrict themselves to such phones, or care to carry an extra phone for payment.

      M-Net had what is required, but the marketing wasn’t good enough, or maybe the people weren’t ready.

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