Get Things Done in Kuwait

Whenever I’m faced with paperwork, I find myself baffled over the multiple set of procedures and official documents involved just to get things done in this country. I am aware that this situation is being improved with “E-Government” systems, etc., but it remains that there are numerous times when I would drive all the way to some institute or ministry, in the heat, in the traffic, wait in queue, only to finally find out that I had been missing a certain document or that I hadn’t made a photocopy of something —what do you mean they don’t have photocopiers at police stations?!

Here’s a little productivity tip that should ease most of the tedious non-automated paperwork and help you get the most out of your time:

  1. Scan the official items listed below
  2. Print a copy of them (make sure they are to scale!)
  3. Save all the images as JPG or PDF on a USB flash memory and keep it in your keychain
  4. Keep a copy secured safely in your car compartment at all times

Official Documents:

  • Your Civil ID (front & back)
  • Your Birth Certificate
  • Your Citizenship
  • Your Passport
  • Recent passport-size (4 x 6) photos
  • Your CV or business card (you never know!)

You should be able to get by with these, but in some rare procedures your parent’s documents might be required, so it’s a good idea to have a copy of theirs too. But if they ask for the ‘original’ then you’re stumped. If you find yourself missing a copy of something, at least you can print it from your backup USB flash drive at the nearest copy center.

Let me know if I’m missing something in the comments.


13 thoughts on “Get Things Done in Kuwait

  1. you call them “procedures”, an optimistic look at the randomly generated ridiculous, no-one-knows-wth, unnecessary-paper-requests, set of printed out of a serial connected outdated printer … thingos :P

    does it show that I’ve through these “procedures” before hehehehe

    you forget, 1 KD notes for stamps ;) and no one has change!
    you better go early, cz they run out of stamps.
    I was asked for a letter from the bank, proving that I have an account there.
    Official papers of my parents.
    My salary detail, my parents salary detail :P

    I always carry copies, multiple, and the originals with me ;) when I’m going to a government institute and no matter how many times I do a background check on what is required, I have to go back and forth several times, different answers, different requests.

    e-Government, I’d settle for an archiving system with all our official papers at this point. Seriously think of the trees, that’d been scarified with the way we waste paper!

    PS: there’s a queue :P you made me laugh.

  2. You asked for this…

    I’ve been fighting over with the Ministry of Information (i3lam), Customs and Ministry of Trade for the past 3 weeks to get a simple import permission for a software product I’m trying to import.

    The dumb Mis-information ministry says I have to have a Publication License to be able to import computer software. WHAT?
    I have a Computer Company that falls under electronics which entitles me to import hardware & software!!
    “NO! Publication License is a must! Because the software is a visual thing that we see on the monitor”

    After a week of pressuring on them, they finally gave in and admitted that they’re mistaken and that I only need an import permit from the Ministry of Trade, but the ministry of Trade said I have to have a Publication License…

    Both ministries are mistaken. No one admits their mistake. They only start giving me lame excused & headaches after knowing the EXACT product name, which leads me to think that someone wants the market for himself…


  3. This is a very informative post! Love it :D

    I always have to have the official papers in big files in my office here at home. One for my husband and one for me.

    I never know what to photocopy and what to just keep in the file, so this is good :D

  4. Hey 3baid!! Thats a great idea about keeping this documents around, but I wouldn’t carry them around on a USB.. I have lost a lot of USBs over time so imagine someone getting one whole lot of all your information in a simple USB, that would be scary! U would have to super encrypt it! Which most probably will not do

    But ur right having all these documents around are important for most government work

    • Keep your USB flash drive hooked to your car keychain so you don’t lose it unless you lose your car keys as well :P

  5. Its ridiculous and insane! Let alone their attitudes! I arrived at one of the Khidmat AlMuwa6in offices in one of the residential areas… I got there 10 mins before their actual office hrs so they told me to wait… one of the ladies there refused to help me and asked me to wait JUST wait! All I wanted is to renew my passport, but she said I was early… so I waited, and waited… she picks the phone and order breakfast falafel or whatever because she didnt have breakfast… I left right then and there! Shoof el mostawa bas!!

    • @Ansam, Were you going to feed her? NO! So clearly her priority is to satisfy her stomach rather than you! :p

      @Anonymous, I went to ministry of information a few days back and arrived around 1:20 PM .. in all 3 floors, there was absolutely not a single employee apart from the tea-boys.
      A tea-boy told me *everyone* leaves at 1 PM and come at 9 AM.

      5oosh wizara!

  6. Haha thakkartne ib 7alqa ib barnamaj ib rmithan. wa7id kilshway yigolonlah yeeb paper yro7 wered malion marra , akher shay gallah “LAISH MATGOLI KILA MARRA WA7DA” chan yigoolah ili bel wezara “Hahaha.. bas chithi.. nabi n6afrek.” ;p

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