Al-Jahra Coptherne Hotel & Resort

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “Jahra? Who goes to Jahra?!”. I thought the same thing until I got there; it was clean, quiet, spacious, and serene. The perfect getaway from the city hustle and over-populated chalets on the sea-side. Being there felt nothing like being in Kuwait:

They even have basketball hoops every few meters along the roads.

Update: Google Map

There’s also a small shopping mall with a few restaurants beside the hotel and if you walk a little further, you’d reach the 99 Village theme park. I can go on and on describing, but it’s better if you take a look at pictures:

Visit the official Al-Jahra Coptherne Hotel website for details and official images.


11 thoughts on “Al-Jahra Coptherne Hotel & Resort

    • Keep driving on the 6th ring road past the shooting range and you’ll eventually see big sandy hills and a sign that says Slayil Resort. I’ve added a Google Map.

  1. I remember hearing about it a while back, but completely forgot! Thanks for the photos! That place looks great, except for the location! lol

    Who would have thought!

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