Useful Google Chrome Extensions

I’ve been using Google Chrome as my primary web browser for a while and it’s great because it brings in the speed and tab isolation features from Safari’s Webkit engine, Google’s bookmark syncing and work-offline integration, then tops it off with Firefox’s extensibility and Greasemonkey scripts!

Despite all that, Chrome isn’t perfect. Yet. But until then, here are some cool extensions I found that might improve your web surfing experience. Oh, and you don’t need to restart your browser when you install these :)


I know a lot of people who can’t live without this and hesitated to switch from Firefox because of it. Adblock clears all the ad banners and clutter from most websites; lets you a little surf faster. (LinkLink)

Customize YouTube Theater

This extension lets you get hide any of YouTube comments, related videos, channel videos, or just about anything you find useless or annoying. No more procrastinating or distractions that lead to jumping from one video to another. (Link)

Digg Forward

If you’re subscribed to Digg’s RSS feed and hated how clicking any link took you to a Digg page instead of the story, this little script skips that page for you and takes you directly where you need to be. (Link)

One Number

For Google users: Get the count for unread Gmail/Wave/Reader/Voice items in one place. Just install and sign in; quite convenient. (Link)

Google Reader: Open in background tab

The title explains all. If you use Google Reader a lot, install this gem, hit the keyboard shortcut “v” and have articles load in the background without slowing you down while you skim through news with “j” and “k”. (Link)

Stop YouTube Autoplay

Another handy one; let videos automatically load while being paused so you can browse elsewhere then come back to watch them in one go. Huge timesaver! (Link)

Google Apps Shortcuts

Simple extension: one button with all the useful Google Apps. Saves you from having all those bookmarks. (Link)

There’s more where that came from. Get more extensions from the official Chrome extensions page.

Know any extensions worth mentioning? Let me know in the comments!


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