V-Cool and its Illegal Tinting

This afternoon, as I stopped near the auto inspection to have my car insurance renewed, the inspector glanced at my windows and asked, “Are these tinted?”.

“No”, I replied “but I have installed thermal insulation”.

“Well, you’re only permitted to tint the side mirrors on the back. Get the front-side, windshield and back tint removed then come back for another inspection.”, he demanded.

I explained that infra-red, or thermal insulation has very little effect on visibility and that I have paid for the highest quality film deliberately, to ensure minimal light distortion. Not to mention that I’ve had it for more than 3 years and nobody told me it was against the law until today. The inspector ignored my reasoning and boasted about stopping all tinted windows of any kind from now on.

It’s so ironic that to this day, we see outrageous vehicles with all-around pitch-black windows go about cruising the streets without a fine, while people with good intentions who want to reduce the heat absorption of their car by paying a premium to maintain best visibility get their paperwork revoked!

Example of pitch-black tinted windows.

“People have cleared their windows, passed the inspection, had their insurance work approved, then went back and tinted again.”, jumped the second inspector trying to sound smart and informed.

Well then, could someone explain to me how it is better for people to blatantly get away with tinting their cars like that? Do these people not comprehend their own incompetence or how small their role is in preventing violations?

Anyway, I left the inspectors and rushed to Shwaikh for the V-Cool garage that installed the film on my car windows 3 years back. I showed the salesperson my revoked insurance papers and asked him how they could have sold and installed film on all car windows when it is clearly against the law.

“We know it is illegal, and we tell the customers that, but it’s their choice and their responsibility to have whichever parts of their cars insulated. “, he lied.

I was not aware of any possible legal violations when V-Cool was marketing their product at the time, nor have I noticed any signs, as of late, that bring attention to this issue to prevent it. In fact, I recall quite clearly that I specifically asked about this before having it installed.

Finally, V-Cool agreed to remove the film for free, and while the staff went about doing that, my eyes were set at a new BMW that was having a pitch-black film installed on all windows, right there next to my car!

Can you see the difference?

How about now? You can barely tell it's there!

When will the wastas stop and the scamming cease? >_<

23 thoughts on “V-Cool and its Illegal Tinting

  1. “When will the wastas stop and the scamming cease?”

    When people are born blue in the face and hell freezes over.

  2. It’s a national disgrace! Why should I have to make a phone call to bend the rules to my advantage? If it’s illegal, fine every car on the streets, then sue those thermal insulation companies that install them on car windshields, etc. Because the way it is now, the situation is making law enforcers look pathetic.

  3. >_< Hard Luck 3baid

    i get stopped once for a nearly a 6-inches "sticker" at the right back-seat window, then also i said it's been more than 2 years no one complains about it, then he replied "but now we do"

    • All the police need is the vehicle licence plate number and they will know from the registration who owns the car and who to fine.

      What does it matter that the speed cameras take pictures of the driver inside the car and if there is a sticker or logo stuck somewhere on the car? It’s not terrorism.

  4. The morons can’t even write proper Arabic: تظليل مو تضليل

    As you said, if it’s illegal then why are those companies still operating??? Shouldn’t they be closed for selling illegal material???

  5. As they always say:
    Welcome to the Jungle!
    Of course u can paint ur windshield pitch black with tar and still get away with it if u have was6a…

    • I don’t think it has anything to do with luck. There are many cars who have had their tint removed; you’ll notice them on the street.

  6. I took one our cars for the inspection to renew the car’s registration & they didn’t even bother looking at the break lights, let alone the windows for tinting!

    Officers simply took the papers, turned his back to me, signed them, give them back & that’s it.

  7. My bro had an invoice from the tinting company that said the glass was 15% tinted ( by using a device ) following the law, but the inspector with his mighty laser eye determined that it was in fact 25% and we ne’er to remove it

  8. That really annoys the hell out of me! Personally my Landcruiser is pretty damn tinted! I don’t care if I get fined since it gets hot as hell and its the only thing helping me to hold my steering wheel after my car has been parked in the sun all day!

    That inspector is an idiot! U barely have any tint! It’s ridiculous!

    I’m sorry you had to remove it!

    Honestly in Kuwait its not going to end! I just went to the Dubai Police Vehicle Checking station and they allow it to pass without any issue at all! They are smart and have a simple process for people to go through!

  9. “… you’re only permitted to tint the side mirrors on the back. …”
    Are you sure it’s not the side WINDOWS on the back?

  10. I suppose only way around it is to re-install every year on a cheap car. These things cost around 150 KWD last time I checked (on a Porsche Cayenne at least, I think each car is different). So I would consider getting an economical, Japanese SUV for all practical purposes in Kuwait, and limit my self to just third party insurance.

    This way you can get your maintenance by literally any mechanic you find around, so it’s going to be cheap, and so will the insurance, and the only real cost incurred is going to be the god damn V-Cool, but I suppose you can’t put a price tag on health.

    Another work around is to stop being yourself, go to Diwaniyas, meet people, establish connections, and have them work things out for you. Aka the power of Wasta!

    On a separate note, Kuwaiti culture is a very collectivist culture. By enforcing ridiculous laws, and allowing Wasta, it gives people who are social much more power than people who are introverted such as my self, because the only way to get around is by establishing connections, which takes a social person, but you can’t be rational with the law. This reinforces the collectivist culture of Kuwait, and gives the people the power to discriminate. I believe this is a very rational point of view, but each to their own.

    Welcome to Kuwait, where people embrace social skills over critical thinking >.<

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