Amazon Kindle

Since the debut of e-ink technology, I’ve set my sights on Amazon’s e-book reader, the Kindle, because it promised a reading experience that was easy on the eyes (no glare nor backlight!) and battery life that lasts for weeks instead of mere hours. The only letdown was that it was expensive at the time, and lacked support for PDF; a must for me since most of my ebooks were PDF documents.

At long last, the third iteration of Kindle is here! At an irresistible price of KD 43.950 (plus KD 6 for Aramex shipping), Kindle is the most affordable e-book reader available. I couldn’t think of any other reasons not to buy it. After trying out a few things, I was surprised to find out that it can display arabic fonts in PDFs really well.

Text highlighting works for arabic text!

Getting things in and out of the Kindle is as simple as dragging a file to your USB drive. The Kindle supports TXT, PDF, and MOBI formats natively, and for everything else, there’s Calibre, the multi-platform “iTunes of eBooks”. Calibre can convert dozens of file formats including ePub, HTML, CBZ (comic books!), and images to a myriad of eBook readers.

I didn’t care much for purchasing books from Amazon, because most of my content is technical documentation in PDF format, but I did enjoy sampling some free ebooks from the Kindle Store. When I got tired of reading, I turned on Text-to-Speech and let the Kindle read for me.

If you love reading books, you’re going to love reading on the Kindle. It’s not as colorful or interactive as some of the other tablets out there, but it’s much cheaper, smaller, lighter, easier to use and completely distraction free. All you need to do is charge it once, put your books on it, and you’ll be immersed for days on end.


8 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle

  1. I love my kindle but I always buy the books from amazon

    never knew it can read Arabic! that’s cool

    u should try one of the amazon free books to compare the quality with reading from a PDF I think it differes since the PDF reader on kindle is not that good! (as I heard)

    • It depends on the PDF, because it’s rendered in terms of the page width rather than reformat the text to fit the screen.

  2. I love my 3rd Generation Kindle as well I think it’s a much better choice than the Nook Color simply because well who doesn’t have an Amazon account! Barnes and Nobles feels a bit I dunno it made me reluctant and yes I am loving the battery life it’s insanely AWESOME!

    • My only wish would be to have Kindle sync with iTunes as an option, because when the number of books you own starts to grow, it gets a little hectic to manage files and collections.

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