Steve Jobs Passes Away

“Your time on this earth is limited, don’t live someone else’s life, live by your vision.” -Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the visionary who inspired all kinds of engineers, developers, professionals, as well as people outside of Apple and the rest of the industry, has passed away today.

Over a short period of time, he was able to bring truly innovative products and services that drastically changed many of the ways we do things today.

Whether you like Apple’s products or not, you have to appreciate the fact that Steve’s persistence for perfecting technology and paying attention to details had tremendously raised the bar for the rest of the tech companies.


3 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Passes Away

  1. he was a true genius in many ways.

    for all his hard work in the end I was very happy that he raised apple to be the most profitable company in the world just before he dies.

    I wished for him to release more products.
    -Revolutionized the MP3 market
    -The first to offer cheap Digital distribution, the took the whole DD idea from a vision to reality with iTunes (LA TGOOLY NAPSTER)
    -Cheaper Music and games Digitally (SHENO CARTAGE,CD)
    -Mobiles, I mean god for an industry that is controlled by Europe (both network wise and handsets wise) they went against NOKIA the god of all gods in mobile industry. with one phone. and yes it changed everything.

    just imagine Steve tapping in other products we dont think about so much…

  2. Stay Foolish… Stay Hungry!

    With those simple words he lived his life giving us the innovative products we all use today, as I sit here typing this comment on my MacBook Pro connected to my Apple Cinema Display checking both my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 for any messages I realize that he is in my life even after he is gone.

    I just hope that he is now at peace after his long battle with cancer, he will sorely be missed.

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