Pick a new Logo for Kuwait Paper Dump

We need your help on deciding which logo would be more suitable for Kuwait Paper Dump. Please take a good look (click to enlarge) at the three options below and vote for the one you like best. We’ll decide on the winner soon.

Thank you!

Logo 1:

Logo 2:

Logo 3:

Update: Thank you all for voting! Your choice for best logo is Logo #1. Stay tuned as we update Kuwait Paper Dump soon.


12 thoughts on “Pick a new Logo for Kuwait Paper Dump

  1. Just some constructive critisism regarding all 3 options, the kuwait flag colors together are very off- putting and do not go well together. A simpler color palate would work better. The title already has the word “Kuwait” showing the identity of the site, so you don’t really need the kuwait flag colors.

  2. salam 3baid
    as a website I prefer logo #1
    but for a company i prefer logo #3 cause it’s more formal
    anyway I’m excited for the new logo ;)

    keep it up guys

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