Arranged NES Game Music

I was referred to this video from a friend. It’s a remixed musical medley of classic 8-bit Famicom/NES music including tracks from Mega Man, Fire Emblem, Mario Bros, Castelvania, Mother (Eearthbound), and many more. A must-listen for all old-time videogame players.

Number 08 quickly become one of my favorite tracks, although I don’t recognize the game. You can download the mp3 version here.

Abdulbasit Quit

According to a close friend of mine: Abdulbasit —the salesman of the age-old, small Markaz Al Kuwaity videogame shop in Hawalli’s Rihab Complex— has quit his job!

Little is known, but it’s been said that there were some disputes between him and the shop owner so he decided to take off and run a store of his own, currently located near Kuwait’s ice skating rink (Shuwaikh?).

Abdulbasit, for those not in the know, was one of the pioneers to take the local videogame market seriously and he’s been selling consoles and games for as long as I can remember. Many of Kuwait’s youth know him since their earliest childhood, lived through the console wars around his time, and have been faithfully entrusting him to get their gaming fix ever since.

Even though more people nowadays rely on online retailers, the likes of, for game-purchasing, it still saddens me to hear that the man responsible for bringing so much joy to the homes of many early Kuwaiti gamers has been pushed aside for—I’m guessing—monetary reasons.


His new store will be open right about the time Metal Gear Solid 4 is released (mid June?) in a new shopping mall that’s being built near the ice skating rink. He also plans to start a (free!) home-delivery service as well as a website if deemed practical.

Nintendo Wii: 18 months later and still out of stock!

It’s been roughly a year and a half since the launch of the Nintendo Wii, and the demand for the console is still outstripping sales. Looking at, the device continues to suffer from shortages, and currently ranks as the most searched product at the store.

A recent article from Ars Technica hints that this trend is not stopping.

“Just when our expectations are set for what Nintendo can do in sales, the company comes up with a new way to blow away the competition. Nothing in software or hardware came close to touching what Nintendo did this month.” —Ars Technica

It just goes to show that the president and COO of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, was true to his words when he set the Blue Ocean Strategy into effect. The company is now back on track and ahead of all the competition. Bravo Nintendo! You have truly outdone yourself.